Kind Words

People I've worked with say collaborating with me as their professional writer is the link that helped them take on
and finish their writing projects so they could move ahead with their marketing. They also say I have a way with words.

Business Clients

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Jenni has an innate thirst for knowledge and an extraordinary degree of dedication and commitment to her clients. She has a fresh, clear voice. Her creativity, passion for her work, and calm, methodical approach helps us stay organized and gives us confidence that our content is always up to date.

Jenni gives our audience material they want to read. And that delivers value!
— Joanna Liukkonen, Liukkonen Recruiting/Consultants
The process that you led us through to develop messaging was incredibly valuable and clarifying for our organization. In just a couple of short meetings, you helped us articulate and document our diverse audiences, their needs, and how to effectively communicate what we offer to meet those needs. You were efficient, easy to work with, and responded to feedback in a really constructive way, leaving us with a succinct and useful messaging report that our whole team can use.
— Katie Rains, GRuB Executive Director
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Working with Jenni was an absolute dream. She wrote the content for the Home Page of Panhandle 4h Camp’s new website. We met, she asked a lot of very specific questions to make sure she understood what we wanted. She provided a draft of the content by the date promised and not only was it good, it was amazing. It was well written, fully reflected us as an organization and only required a few edits based on preference of board members. We will definitely be hiring Jenni again to help write more content as we develop the web page further.
— Jen Lamont, Board Member - Panhandle 4h Association
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We utilize Jenni’s unmatched talent to elevate our brand’s social media copy and give us one less thing to worry about while we juggle writing for our clients and elevating their presences first and foremost! Jenni brainstorms with us to create content that converts and attracts new audience to our feeds. We give her industry stats and research to focus on and she adds her unique flair! She takes the time to get to know us so she is able to write about our challenges, fears, favorites and greatest joys. She brings creative ideas and is always excited to map out the month ahead. It is always such a joy to work with Jenni - hire her today, you’ll thank yourself!
— Kathryn Coffman, Fashionably Frank Marketing
You are organized, clear, and perceptive and support deep levels of exploration and discovery. Working with you helped me clarify my ideal client and articulate important details about my brand.
— Stacy Hirsch, Life Takes Practice and Cultivate Inside
It was such a relief to hand my messaging work and web copy over to you. You’re skilled, thorough, easygoing, and absolutely meant to do this. Working with you, I transformed from a hole-in-the-wall acting teacher into a real company. I want to hire you forever!
— Becca Hopson, Broadway Bound West
You work with a level of professionalism and consistency that’s crucial in a remote working relationship. I can give you just a few ideas for my newsletter and you immediately pick up on the narrative I’m trying to capture and run with it, delivering copy that’s dense with information, without anything cursory. And I never have to chase you down for a deadline.
— Gene Reese, Mastro Co. LLC
Photo by poppi photography

Photo by poppi photography

I had been feeling like I needed to explain my business inspirations to someone, and not to someone that knew me. Friends and family have their limiting judgments about what is possible. It was like I needed a business counselor. If you are feeling charged by your business ideas, but need someone objective to help you fine tune your song, Jenni is a fabulous option. I came across her Instagram posts and knew she was a gem. She is warm and receptive, yet cuts through to the core of your business essence. There are books and online resources available for business guidance, but Jenni can see the light in your eyes and will shine it back on you.
— Colleen Hayes, The Wheel Herb Farm
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Jenni was great to work with on our website copy. Working with her kept the website a priority when there were so many other competing priorities. The process she led my organization through on messaging was very useful for the overall business, not just the website. It was also good to have feedback on keeping our language from becoming overly technical.
— Stacey Isaac Berahzer, IB Environmental
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The work Jenni did with me to create a Messaging Report for Pure Luxe Apothecary was brilliant. She pulled out details and clarified things in a fresh way that was incredibly helpful for expanding my marketing. She’s great at asking perceptive questions and quickly gets down to the heart of what’s important. She’s also incredibly organized and inspires me to up my own game! I look forward to our monthly planning talks as she is always on-point, super professional, and just fun to bounce ideas around with. Talented and genuine— thank you, Jenni!
— Leslie McNeilus, Pure Luxe Apothecary


I talk and teach in front of people all the time, but when it came to writing my website, I was dragging my feet. I needed someone who could walk me through the process, help me flesh out my ideas, and articulate them to the people I wanted to reach.

It was really important to me to have someone who could listen to me and understand my voice and that’s just what you did! I love that you got to know me and put my ideas into strong, powerful, meaningful words. Thank you. I’m super excited about the outcome of the site!
— Phaedria Kopp, Wellness Within Yourself

Freelance Subjects

You are so good at what you do. That story is the best one I have read about this project. It is big and new and strange and complicated and you nailed it!
— Genine Bradwin, Kirsop Farm Co-Founder
I’ve been a farmer for 30 years and I’ve given lots of interviews. This is the first time anyone has quoted what I actually said. You also went above and beyond in your research. Whenever anyone comes over, we show them the story so they can read it.
— Jim Johnson, Johnson Berry Farm Co-Founder
Your imaginative wordplay helped communicate the excitement of my comedy juggling show. I consider myself a good writer but your skills took my copy to the next level.
— Alex Zerbe, Prop Comedian and Magician